Egypt's Dam Problem: The Geopolitics of the Nile

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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  1. Mostafa Gamal BIM Professional
    Mostafa Gamal BIM Professional
    Uur geleden

    the agreement of 2015 was forgotten. according to that agreement accepts Egypt the Dam. Ethiopia accepts not to fill the dam before agreeing on a specific method to do this.

  2. clara sanchez
    clara sanchez
    8 uur geleden

    The white nile is insignificant... got it ,,south sudan, Uganda let's build a dam as well

  3. Marcus Rennie
    Marcus Rennie
    11 uur geleden

    im Ethiopian and African American and I think that Ethiopia is just trying to help its people

  4. Table Salt
    Table Salt
    23 uur geleden

    Ethiopia should say fuck em all and divert the entire river outside of Sudan and Egypt

  5. Melaku B. Fitawok
    Melaku B. Fitawok
    Dag geleden

    We Ethiopians have been/are/ waiting here to STOP any form of colonialism in humanity. In Adwa: we defeated Italy and the entire sense of colonialism In Guba/GERD/: we will manage the unfair vetoes over the Nile (Its >70% is from Ethiopia). Never delay to such a videos man! Thank you!

  6. Abdullah Ashraf
    Abdullah Ashraf
    Dag geleden

    Everyone is a a gangsta until the pharaoh enters the chat.

  7. Joseph Atteya
    Joseph Atteya
    Dag geleden

    Such a totally misleading simplification of a subject that is deemed a life or death situation, although it works pretty fine on people who may not even know whether Africa is a country or a conteninet (ask Trevor Noah). However, I gained a brand new piece of info, knowing the Mediterranean has been upgraded to an Ocean... Maybe this is one of Covid-19 impacts, or something?

  8. some one
    some one
    Dag geleden

    Egypt is not selfish only they are jealous too!

  9. essam mohamed
    essam mohamed
    2 dagen geleden

    30 days from now and this damn dam will be like dust in wind, then after this we can talk with the Ethiopians.

    1. Melaku B. Fitawok
      Melaku B. Fitawok
      Dag geleden

      Are you sure?! Keep your dam too from becoming damn dust in the wind

    2. Tormund Gaint
      Tormund Gaint
      Dag geleden

      Lol keep dreaming. Egypt is not a super power.

  10. FetaBeVideo
    2 dagen geleden

    I see Egypt got here hands soon ... just look on what Bible said about Nile River and then Ethiopia become shine in the all over the world, and this happen soon not to late

  11. Astawes Ashenafi
    Astawes Ashenafi
    2 dagen geleden

    yes peacefull cooperation is the only best solution but with best interests of all parties not Egypt's only.Egypt is and has been working tirelessly to bully and intimidate the people of Ethiopia ,which is unfair for us who have been feeding Egypt with both water and soil. But when we stand to built one hidro electric dam the Egypt's envy kickoff what backstabbing country, ofcourse most nations are are now understanding the real selfish ,greedy and wasteful Egypt that we have been facing for past millennia. And about the military don't talk about the army rather about the armaments you have been begging from America and collecting something like antique. Hay bro war needs breave heart not weapon we will show you by our bearhands .Don't you see the houtis in Yemen yes we share same blood and anger.

  12. Beka vlog's
    Beka vlog's
    3 dagen geleden

    If Egypt attacks ethiopia There is no backing down we will fight 100%🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹

  13. souffléホワイト
    3 dagen geleden

    tl;dr Egypt panicking about lack of water then started acting like a douchebag.

  14. Nicola Bean
    Nicola Bean
    3 dagen geleden

    The teeny-tiny timpani lally support because child constitutively complain midst a nice cub. adamant, angry citizenship

  15. Yoseph Debalke
    Yoseph Debalke
    4 dagen geleden


  16. Tundu Paulos
    Tundu Paulos
    5 dagen geleden

    Stupid documentary.............. Nile is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is Nile over .

    1. i am who i am
      i am who i am
      5 dagen geleden

      We will not allow this

  17. Rafa G
    Rafa G
    5 dagen geleden

    The 1959 Water Agreement divided up the average annual Nile waters as shown below: Egypt 55.5 BCM Sudan 18.5 BCM Evaporation 10.0 BCM Total 84.0 BCM (average flow 1912-1959) Naturally, when the river's flow was below the long-term average, sharing according to those specifications was impossible. The Egyptians, who are more heavily industrialized than the Sudanese, claimed that their water needs should take priority, leading to regional tensions that persist to this day. Oddly enough, We Ethiopians, in whose country the Blue Nile begins ( 86 % Nile share ) , were left out of the 1959 agreement entirely.We have never been colonized, non either accept any Bullshit colonial agreement, where was Egypt when my people were diying of hunger and poverity, The world has witnssed in the 80´s the famin and hunger crisis, was oone of the worst humanitarian events of the 20th century, prompting a global response to bring food assistance and save lives, Ethiopia´s Food shortages and hunger crisis from 1983-1985 led to an estimated 1 Million famine deaths, according to the UN. as the editor or producer of this video said, There most be a cooperative approaches among the Nile Basin countries and NO MORE authoritarianism and Hydro-Hegemony from Egypt. believe me we shall defend our right, whatever the cost may be. and America should stay away from us with The narcissist Trump who doesn't have any leadership qualities to have a single say about Geo-Politics.

  18. la coste
    la coste
    5 dagen geleden

    Just you think to take something God give you and others and you imagine that you want to take all for you only even if you don't have single lack in this thing which you try to block it from the others this means you want to take something which is not your right and intentionally harming the others so you will not do and others should defend their rights and lives at all costs.

  19. maroon 345678
    maroon 345678
    6 dagen geleden

    This guy sounds like the guy from half as interesting.

  20. Me Me
    Me Me
    6 dagen geleden

    I don't think you're from Morocco. I think you're from Ethiopia.

  21. wodra pixel
    wodra pixel
    6 dagen geleden

    They should just reroute the whole river, back to their own borders😉. New nile program

  22. getasew tilaye
    getasew tilaye
    6 dagen geleden


  23. DR AHMED HosneyPhd
    DR AHMED HosneyPhd
    6 dagen geleden

    This electricity thing is not true and Egypt will not accept anyone to hold control on the Nile unless Egypt manage the Dam you can forget that

  24. Berhanu Engidaw
    Berhanu Engidaw
    7 dagen geleden

    Unfortunately, ignorant and greedy Egypt is denying the mutual benefits of the completion of the dam as it is historical enemy of Ethiopia.She must admit Ethiopia is the master of Geography in the region.

  25. Berhanu Engidaw
    Berhanu Engidaw
    7 dagen geleden

    God blessed Ethiopia With abundant water and called tower of Africa.It is sad they are under utilized due to Egypt continues sabotage aginst the country by destabilizing the country.

  26. Martulas
    8 dagen geleden

    when will dam be finished?

  27. -Straßenbegleitgrün -
    -Straßenbegleitgrün -
    8 dagen geleden

    Do you know there are two Sudans now?

  28. Dagem sime
    Dagem sime
    9 dagen geleden

    great video

  29. Precious Reading
    Precious Reading
    9 dagen geleden

    Building the dams and hydro powers all over the African continent are absolutely necessary not to catch up with only but also to takeover Asians, Americans and Europeans in the shortest span of the time.Therefore all you Africans get together in drawing more plans and speed up in completing them including this Ethiopian project. Make them jealous of your regional block. Let their boats collide and capsize as they rush and overcrowd while coming in to illegal immigrate Africa. Remember that You have the Pyramids built there which are already making them very jealous of you. You Know it very well that the water flow will be interrupted only for several years but once dams are filled up after that water flow will resume with so many advantages along with abundance of electricity and water there on forever. I will be very glad if you achieve this.

  30. 100 miles
    100 miles
    9 dagen geleden

    google -------- faithfreedom chalenge google ------ faithfreedom ali sina articles google ------- internet archive ali sina debates

  31. 外龙ΣΜΛΜ
    9 dagen geleden

    this dam can not generate electrcity because of slit problem

  32. 外龙ΣΜΛΜ
    9 dagen geleden

    Water banks 😂, there eare more than 10 dams on river nile (only one for egypt), even ethiopia have dam over tana lake, As egyptian would like to mention that Egyptian goverment didnt mind that ethiopia build a dam as they sign agreement in 2015 , but have to observe the enviromental and safty issues , but the design ethiopia had is not ok as can not generate electrcity because of silt problem which carry from ethiopian mountian more over they plan to have huge lake which they plan to create water bank, incase of fail the ethiopian dam we can control the flood in egypt, but sudan will simply vanish which is unfair

  33. abdelrahman soliman
    abdelrahman soliman
    9 dagen geleden

    you don't get it. as Egyptians, we understand that we can live the dam but Ethiopia refuses to sign a treaty for the operations of the damn which is pretty much a declaration of war. it doesn't matter how many years it takes to fill the damn we do have a water reservoir (Lake Nasser). but giving climate change we can't just dump our only water supply. they have to sign a treaty for operations they can't just operate it as they like, that would mean starvation for us. so it essentially comes down to this we negotiate and sign a treaty that enforces our deal. or we blow the damn thing because frankly, they don't seem to care if we starve so why should we care about their development.

  34. John Smith
    John Smith
    10 dagen geleden

    You can survive without many things but food and water are NOT negotiable. Hope they work it out and do not back Egypt into a corner.

  35. meme
    10 dagen geleden

    Egypt and sudan: aight let's make deals about the nile Ethiopia: yo can I join? Egypt & sudan: lol shut up nerd, nobody cares what you think or do Ethiopia: aight uhmmm in gonna make a dam Egypt and Sudan: REEEEE YOU ARE GONNA GET US KILLED WHY ARE YOU SO FRIGGING SELF CENTERED?!

  36. Bradley Watts
    Bradley Watts
    10 dagen geleden

    The best partridge elderly interest because traffic objectively describe abaft a tired plot. unkempt, craven supply

  37. Belette holt fente
    Belette holt fente
    11 dagen geleden

    Great analysis & well written script.

  38. Medo Abdo
    Medo Abdo
    11 dagen geleden

    a lot of wrong info

  39. nikola b
    nikola b
    12 dagen geleden

    All these countries shouldn't have such big populations, to begin with. Egypt 1950 - 20 million, now 100 million, Sudan 1950 - about 6million, now over 40 million, Ethiopia 1950 - about 20 million, now almost 100 million. Technology will help alleviate the problem, but will not solve it. Future will bring many wars for basic resources.

    1. John Smith
      John Smith
      10 dagen geleden

      Overpopulation can never be mentioned. The Earth can not go from 4.3 billion people in 1980 to 7.8 billion today without something taking the hit which is the environment.

  40. Tarek Ahmed
    Tarek Ahmed
    12 dagen geleden

    thank you for this great video. As an Egyptian I want us to cooperate and solve this problems peacefully. and I don't oppose the idea of the dam and I want all good for the Ethiopians and Sudanese as they are our neighbors and brothers and they have all the right to seek a better future. but the way Ethiopians approaching the situation is ominous and confirms the fears of the Egyptians that the dam is a threat to our national security. and thus that could lead to war which would bring no good for both of us. Egypt maybe lost much of its political influence but it has one of the most powerful armies in the world and it won't hesitate to protect its national security. if it felt it's in danger. I hope for a peaceful solution. but that's entirely in the hands of the Ethiopians.

    1. Melaku B. Fitawok
      Melaku B. Fitawok
      Dag geleden

      As Ethiopian, we are sorry to hear such from you guys. Where are you as a neighbor when the 60millions Ethiopians are living in dark. Are you sure that your politicians didn't use this for politics rather than cooperation with us and more Nile basin countries? Don't you think that you are acting as Nile veto? Are you sure that the weapons you have are enough to colonize Ethiopia and surrender its benefit? I personally think cooperation is best and Egypt has to contribute to this GERD dam construction and success. Otherwise, you can learn back history.

    2. Astawes Ashenafi
      Astawes Ashenafi
      2 dagen geleden

      Dear brother yes peacefull cooperation is the only best solution but with best interests of all parties not Egypt's only.Egypt is and has been working tirelessly to bully and intimidate the people of Ethiopia ,which is unfair for us who have been feeding Egypt with both water and soil. But when we stand to built one hidro electric dam the Egypt's envy kickoff what backstabbing country ofcourse most nations are are now understanding the real selfish ,greedy and wasteful Egypt that we have been facing for past millennia. And about the military don't talk about the army rather about the armaments you have been begging from America and collecting something like antique. Hay bro war needs breave heart not weapon we will show you by our bearhands .Don't you see the houtis in Yemen yes we share same blood and anger.

  41. Alan Kwok
    Alan Kwok
    12 dagen geleden

    The thinkable hippopotamus isely prevent because shoulder holoprosencephaly stitch vice a faint fair brochure. mature, knowledgeable butcher

  42. Pratyay Padalkar
    Pratyay Padalkar
    13 dagen geleden


  43. Mohamed Saad
    Mohamed Saad
    13 dagen geleden

    Undoubtedly, Ethiopia exploited the distraction of Egypt within the last decade in fighting the corruption of its governors. Moreover, Ethiopia couldn't even dream with building the dam unless the chaos that occurred in Egypt at the begin of the last decade. God bless Sadat, a former Egyptian President; when he was informed from his intelligence that Ethiopia was building dams on the river. Then, Sadat announced his objection on building any kind of dams on the river and warned Ethiopia to breach any treaties. Ethiopia denied, then, that they build any dams. Also, he introduced his objection to USA and UN; who denied building any dams. Sadat recorded all international replies that said there were not any dam(s) that were built or will be built during that time, as evidences. Afterwards, he sent 6 planes to ruin the dam(s). Ethiopia complained the UN and USA that Egypt destroyed the dam(s) on its territories; Sadat replied are there any dam(s) in Ethiopia! How in earth he could destroy dam(s) despite the fact that you all informed us there are not any dams in Ethiopia or even any intention for that. What a wise and cunning president! No one can deny when Mubarak threatened that he would have fought any African country would think about decreasing the Egypt water proportion, even though he was having many disadvantages particularly the corruption. Someday, Egypt will back to its position again and its dominance to the continent.

  44. ahmed heredin
    ahmed heredin
    13 dagen geleden

    Biased analying; 85 % contiribitor of nile have not the right to access this own water for the 70% people who lack electricity and other. See you what egyptian opinion is stupid and null. It is the time for africa and ethiopia. No one cant warn any one.

    1. John Smith
      John Smith
      10 dagen geleden

      If You cut off a counties water supply they really have nothing to lose which gets dangerous. It's not like China cutting off your TV and car supply.

  45. kevon slims
    kevon slims
    13 dagen geleden

    It’s Ethiopia’s dam their water, their country what they do in their country is no business of Egypt, he’ll Ethiopia should sell water to Egypt is their water.

  46. Chi Rho
    Chi Rho
    14 dagen geleden

    Ethiopia and Egypt are my two favourite countries in Africa. Ethiopia has the right to progress but Egypt has the right to survive too. It’s complicated 😭

  47. Matsi
    14 dagen geleden

    I am here for it, develop Ethiopia. Egypt needs to find a plan. It’s not Egypt’s water, it’s Ethiopia’s natural resource so Egypt needs to play very nice

    1. Youssef Mohamed
      Youssef Mohamed
      14 dagen geleden

      Egypt has been trying to negotiate with Eth, but Ethiopia doesn't negotiate

  48. World Today
    World Today
    15 dagen geleden

    This nile is naturally passing through Egypt so it's a gift from god not Ethiopia, try to fill second fill and I promise u it will get blown up .

  49. Free The Birds
    Free The Birds
    15 dagen geleden

    This is very interesting. This is the first Wendover Productions video I have watched, and I have a question. Is the William Shatner delivery how you usually narrate, or is it just emphasis for this video?

  50. Ahmed Helal
    Ahmed Helal
    16 dagen geleden

    Long live Egypt ♥️♥️🇪🇬

  51. Samuel Efrem
    Samuel Efrem
    16 dagen geleden

    this is the true story of ethiopian people knows one good man in world thanks for this story show the world

  52. Fikré Bezabih Bezabih
    Fikré Bezabih Bezabih
    18 dagen geleden

    ils sont entre frére et sœurs avec respect

  53. Future Logic
    Future Logic
    19 dagen geleden

    Egypt will continue to grow, it has huge reserves of deep water wells, two seas, the Nile, and probably China’s weather modification system can be imported. Sudan is on Egypt's side and Europe will soon become dependent on Egyptian natural gas. As the US starts to falter into oblivion, Israel will need Egypt more than ever.

  54. S H
    S H
    20 dagen geleden

    Thank you and I like your beautiful idea If they listen it.

  55. kedir shemsu
    kedir shemsu
    20 dagen geleden

    Ethiopia is willing to cooperate with the down steam countries as long as they respect the right of Ethiopia. GERD is a matter of life and death for Ethiopia at this moment. We have been disadvantaged due to Egyptian crafty tactics not build the dam. This is a high time to build and finish the GERD at the same time other micro dams along the blue nile river. In summary, GERD is a matter of national security and prosperity no matter the down steam countries want to complain. We reached a point of no return. The only solution of the matter, the down steam countries to agree of a fair deals what Ethiopia proposed.

  56. مصطفى احمد
    مصطفى احمد
    21 dag geleden

    Who blame us for surviveing 🤷🤷 This dam will Destroyed

  57. Asher
    21 dag geleden

    So the simple solution is to ask Egypt to stop making kids, stop overpopulating earth.

  58. Mx Mauuhan
    Mx Mauuhan
    21 dag geleden

    Egyptians must stop reproducing for 10 years.

  59. John Doe
    John Doe
    22 dagen geleden

    we all know who's paying for that dam. usa spent over 4 billion in aid to ethiopia in the last 5 years.

    1. bircruz555
      17 dagen geleden

      And the US subsidized Egypt to the tune of 15 billion dollars in the last five years. And Egypt got bailed out by the IMF several times. What is your point? By the way, it is pompous to say "we all know". Do not hide behind imaginary "we". And your premise is flat wrong. Ethiopians are paying for the dam.

  60. Dragonzaka
    22 dagen geleden

    Dam sun

  61. Robel Gugesa
    Robel Gugesa
    23 dagen geleden

    Egypt 🇪🇬 don't want ethiopia to use the water 🌊🌊 for electricity and any purpose that's why they support ethnic group in Ethiopia to start conflicts and to make Ethiopia not to think about the nile (Abay) which is the strategy Egypt used for the privious decades. Egypt gives nile water for Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱 you all know the truth. What now happening in Ethiopia is to distroy ethiopia they Alie with Israel and Egypt other countries....

  62. OMLManny
    23 dagen geleden

    More power baby

  63. Stephen Harrison
    Stephen Harrison
    23 dagen geleden

    The hateful afghanistan inferiorly fry because deborah supply license versus a hushed fireman. capricious, frequent flugelhorn

  64. Vid Fugina
    Vid Fugina
    24 dagen geleden

  65. fida hussain
    fida hussain
    24 dagen geleden

    israel don't have any river or fresh water resource but they are going best in agriculture day by day so its mean man or country should have some sens rather than madness...

  66. abel tadesse
    abel tadesse
    24 dagen geleden

    how can the source b the one that contributes only 15%

    1. Alexander Heinz
      Alexander Heinz
      8 dagen geleden

      There are meny sources but lake Tanna is the main sources.

  67. Bonny Bonny
    Bonny Bonny
    24 dagen geleden

    The British in 1900s : Hi Egypt. Hi Sudan. Just use this water. Don't mind where it comes from. Ethiopia in 2020: I forgot..this was actually mine!

    1. Melaku B. Fitawok
      Melaku B. Fitawok
      Dag geleden

      I like this!

  68. ProSpect
    25 dagen geleden

    Top gear found its true source, please check your facts

  69. Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia
    25 dagen geleden

    So it's self funded not loan funded by foreign powers to get them in debt to gain influence over them nice

  70. Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung
    26 dagen geleden

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  71. fekadu gebru
    fekadu gebru
    26 dagen geleden

    not Egypt dam ethiopian dam

  72. Vu Hoang Phat
    Vu Hoang Phat
    26 dagen geleden

    The rich scorpion supposedly glue because occupation rarely describe an a somber thunderstorm. humorous, foamy island

    27 dagen geleden

    Very Informative 💖💖💖💖💖

  74. Yourie Favre
    Yourie Favre
    27 dagen geleden

    3:37 Mediterranean ocean?

  75. Adrian Magnus
    Adrian Magnus
    27 dagen geleden

    Imagine if Sudan just goes FU Egypt, I'm building a dam too

    1. amdaglas
      12 dagen geleden

      @mostafa ismaeel Relax it is a joke, You know sudan are brothers

    2. mostafa ismaeel
      mostafa ismaeel
      14 dagen geleden

      Yeah very funny indeed Just note that there will be consequences

    3. Kidus Ephrem
      Kidus Ephrem
      25 dagen geleden


  76. T H
    T H
    27 dagen geleden

    Ethiopia has made a compromise to fill the dam in 7 years but the problem is more of a political, rather than technical..There is this long held Egyptian position to maintain the monopoly through mischief and destabilization of the upper riparian nations particularly Ethiopia, as it is the origin of 86% of the annual water flow..Hence all the ethnic strife we see in Ethiopia is not because the ethnic makeup in Ethiopia's is any different to many nations in the world, but because divisive politics has a backer outside of Ethiopia..So Ethiopia a country that has no control over where the source of the Nile should have been, but has been a victim of its own resource has no choice, but to finish the GERD and aim for more projects to strengthen its negotiating power as no amount of compromise will help the stalemate. In other words, compromise or not, Egypt will always "understandably" keep the option of keeping Ethiopia in constant turmoil unable to utilize its water resource, hence Ethiopia's only way out of this is to by all means necessary claim its rightful place as the source of 86% of the river. Only then, there will be mutual respect and the desire to negotiate faire and equitable share of the river..Bare in mind, as things stand this is the only river in the world where downstream non contributing nation(Egypt) dictates all the terms based on colonial era agreement and that is what is both politically or technically unsustainable my friend.. . thanks.

  77. Ahmed Fetouh
    Ahmed Fetouh
    27 dagen geleden

    Thank you for this video, it was beautifully made!

  78. 2credoS
    27 dagen geleden

    Egypt took a very long negotiations with Ethiopia for more than 9 years so that Ethiopia to Accept a fair share of water deal they always refuse & run away until they made a 1st Fill for the reservoir without Sudan & Egypt agreement that itself by national law is a crime Sudan was flooded with water last year because Ethiopia did not warn about the incoming release of water from the dam & now they are killing Sudanese farmers at the border now as we speak Aby Ahmed is killing the people of Tigray province with the help of Eretria now the question : Should Egypt & Sudan Governments be worried about the current actions of Ethiopia's Government ?

    1. Melaku B. Fitawok
      Melaku B. Fitawok
      Dag geleden

      False! Do you think that we need a report to any dev't in our boundary? Go and try your weapons, we will teach you history.

  79. Jorge Ugarte
    Jorge Ugarte
    27 dagen geleden


  80. Business & Company Acquisitions & Sales
    Business & Company Acquisitions & Sales
    27 dagen geleden

    As soon as I heard "The Mediterranean ocean" in vid, I left! LOLLLLLLLL

  81. Maple Maples
    Maple Maples
    28 dagen geleden

    Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia should build dams and use the Nile for its own purpose.

  82. Girma Asres
    Girma Asres
    28 dagen geleden

    Ethiopia is the only African country never colonised. 115million people of Ethiopians are under starvation. Egypt has been doing the rejections of Ethiopia for years and years. Now it is history and impossible.

  83. Snakeybakey
    28 dagen geleden

    In other words all Egypt really need is a seriously anti-natal policy and it goes back to being an extremely comfortable and prosperous country.

  84. Marcus Miller
    Marcus Miller
    28 dagen geleden

    Did anyone catch that at 10:52 😳

  85. Declan Graham
    Declan Graham
    Maand geleden

    "The Kingdom of Kush" 😂

  86. Official comity of time travelers Member 0-13
    Official comity of time travelers Member 0-13
    Maand geleden

    Communist Egypt I’m calling it

  87. Josh Wall
    Josh Wall
    Maand geleden

    Mediterranean ocean?

    1. Josh Wall
      Josh Wall
      Maand geleden

      I mean have they actually changed it

    2. Josh Wall
      Josh Wall
      Maand geleden

      Is that something new?

  88. Wedajo Abrham
    Wedajo Abrham
    Maand geleden

    😜😜😜😜😜😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡kkkkk ፈኪዩ

  89. Ishan kanungo
    Ishan kanungo
    Maand geleden

    Bendover Productions

  90. Zeke Brunt
    Zeke Brunt
    Maand geleden

    wtf is the difference between HAI and Wendover - why have two separate channels??

  91. Gryerdeili
    Maand geleden

    8:47 wtf?

  92. Suspendthiscommunistyoutube
    Maand geleden

    Invest in that fucking desalination research. Also stop overpopulation.

  93. Lilik Yuliasih
    Lilik Yuliasih
    Maand geleden

    Ethiopia can invited Turkey to joint

  94. Ravi M
    Ravi M
    Maand geleden

    Well I think Egypt should pay Ethiopia for filling the dam slowly because Ethiopia has debt to pay. And Egypt makes a lot of money through Tourism so they should pay ethiopia for the water.

    1. مصطفى احمد
      مصطفى احمد
      21 dag geleden

      😂😂😂 you think it's simple?? Just pay for him ? They don't create the water to pay him, they don't let the clouds raining to pay for him. Our country excited by this rever without it we die , we will not die by this way we prefer dieing on fighting for the great nile..

    Maand geleden

    #Ethiopia leader aman up to red sea water job done work by Ethiopia country leader peoples and so on . abeye dam Ethiopia country true job done work by Ethiopia nationality job done work job game the Ethiopia war important Eritrean government cancels all world leader ambassadors job done closed so on now true Ethiopian leader aman new world leader Ethiopian country land aman GOD

    Maand geleden

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    Maand geleden


    Maand geleden


    Maand geleden


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    Maand geleden

    Kingdom of Kush